How do you handle risk? Let's find out.

Unitifi helps investors better understand their financial behavior through a quick and simple web based assessment. We use your assessment responses to determine how conservative, moderate or aggressive you're likely to be when making financial decisions—especially when risk is a factor.

We also use your responses to recommend personalized, behavior-based investment models that fit your risk and communication preferences.

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Ask your financial professional if they're using the Unitifi Consumer Insight Tool (UCIT) today. The assessment generated by UCIT (You See It), takes only a few minutes to complete and the insight gained will go far. Your personalized results are emailed to both you and your advisor shortly after completing the assessment.

We help investors
get to know themselves.

More importantly, Unitifi helps guide your financial decisions by identifying how you behave—or might behave, for example—when faced with risky choices. The foundation of our method is the Unitifi Assessment. This quick, online assessment uses an advanced algorithm to craft your unique financial personality profile. 

The key to understanding your financial self is provided in an Investor Snapshot which summarizes results from UCIT. These results can be used to inform investment decisions, improve communication with your financial professional and more. Continue to learn about how Unitifi works below.


First, you'll complete
the Unitifi Assessment.

It's fast and user friendly. The only cost is about four minutes of your time. Once we've received and processed your assessment, we'll email your personalized results as an Investor Snapshot to review.

Learn About your Financial behavior Today

Ask your financial professional if they're using the Unitifi Assessment. If they have not signed up yet, they can request a demo of our tools. The demo is free and is provided without any obligation!

Then, Unitifi delivers
your Investor Snapshot

You're more than a number with Unitifi. An easy-to-use visual guide to your financial personality, the Investor Snapshot identifies and predicts your most likely behaviors and preferences. 

Financial Personalities

We use your assessment responses to determine whether you're a Protector, Observer, Liberator or Energizer when it comes to financial decisions. Everyone approaches risk differently, so we also identify your likely risk response on a spectrum ranging from conservative to aggressive


And finally,
money meets wisdom

We've found that the more investors understand their financial behavior, the more confident their decisions tend to be. If you consult with a financial professional or firm, the insight you'll gain through the Unitifi Assessment, combined with expert advice, can:  

  • Ease the process for the investor to choose a financial professional
  • Effectively match investors with the right financial professional
  • Provide clear direction on the communication style preferred by the investor
  • ...and more!

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