Who is Unitifi?


Unitifi is an organization designed to help financial professionals and firms unite with and better understand why their clients behave the way they do as it relates to their finances. 

Our proprietary algorithm and reporting tools can help you improve client retention and on-board new clients more effectively.

Based on how your clients answer questions in our assessment, we will help you understand how conservative, moderate or aggressive your clients are with their financial decisions. These results also provide valuable insight about how they react to the affects of risk.

Responses provided by your clients aid in offering suggestions on behavior based investment models. These models are personalized to each client's risk and desired communication styles.

With Unitifi, you will have the information to connect with and know your clients, household key decision makers and book of business more completely. 

We help financial professionals understand their clients' behavior.

More importantly, Unitifi helps financial firms and professionals develop meaningful and productive client relationships. The foundation of our method is our proprietary assessment generated by the Unitifi Consumer Insight Tool (UCIT).

Our team created UCIT (You See It) to capture and categorize individual investor financial behaviors with a focus on risk tolerance. Our 20-point questionnaire is designed to effectively identify and anticipate the investor's behaviors—such as their financial decision making ability and communication preferences.

When your client completes the assessment, we use our algorithm to generate a detailed financial personality profile. The insight provided by the Unitifi Assessment is the ticket to knowing your clients completely. It also serves as a guide to assist with each individual's investment decisions.


Our products provide financial professionals that added personal touch. We unite professionals with their clients and ultimately drive growth and retention.

First, a client completes
the Unitifi Assessment.

It's not a test; just simple questions with simple answers that takes only a few minutes of your client's time. After we receive your client's responses, they are processed through UCIT and the results are compiled into an Investor Snapshot.



Then, delivery of your
client's Investor Snapshot

The Investor Snapshot is an easy-to-use visual guide to your client's assessment results. We like to think of it as a client relationship handbook. With a keen understanding of your client's financial personality, you'll not only be equipped to establish and maintain a more meaningful relationship, but better able to anticipate and advise your client's decisions as financial risk ebbs and flows. 

Defining Financial Behavior Attributes

Our assessment identifies an investor's financial attributes as Protector, Observer, Liberator, or Energizer—on a spectrum ranging from conservative to aggressive. The more risk-tolerant the investor, the more aggressive the financial personality.

And that's just the start. Each Investor Snapshot also includes the finer, more nuanced details of your client's financial self, as well as tips and recommendations uniquely suited to his or her style.


Preserves wealth
Values objectivity
Values expertise
Low risk tolerance



Delays decisions
Plans long-term
Values opinions
Values innovation
Overestimates risk



Values originality
Trusts in self
More risk tolerant



Prefers control
Values engagement
Values involvement

High risk tolerance


And finally, you both benefit.

We've found that unitified and meaningful client relationships tend to have a ripple effect—for both parties. Just by better understanding an investor's behavior, you or your firm can also: 

  • Enhance client on-boarding process

  • Personalize communication

  • Increase client retention

  • Reduce potential client litigation

  • Target marketing efforts


  • More behavior appropriate allocations

  • Improve retention/growth of managed assets

  • Effectively match clients with right advisor

  • Potential to reduce E&O insurance premiums

  • And more...

Over 1200 people have learned more about their financial behavior by taking the Unitifi Assessment!

Ready to Unitifi? It's quick and simple with no obligation.

Please provide your contact info to receive a demo of our user interface and assessment. You may learn something new about your financial behavior, but more importantly see how Unitifi helps define the financial behaviors of your clients.

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