Leading the Evolution of Behavior-Based Advising

Unitifi is an organization created by financial professionals and experienced educators. It is designed to help financial professionals and firms better understand why their clients behave the way they do as it relates to their finances. 

Our proprietary algorithm paired with a web based assessment and reporting tools can help you improve client retention and on-board new clients more effectively.

For Professionals

Unitifi helps professionals understand each client's behavior as it relates to their finances. Our assessment and tools unite the professionals with their clients in a way that contributes to more meaningful and productive relationships.

For investors

Unitifi helps investors understand their financial behavior and true risk tolerance based on that behavior. Understanding your behavior can help inform various investment decisions and improve communication with your financial professional.

Know your client with 99% accuracy before the 1st handshake.


Minimal Time Requirement for Investor (2-7 Minutes) and Available Via Any Device

Helps Determine Communication, Decision and Allocation Preferences

Behavior Attributes Based on a Statistically Validated Assessment


Ability to Map at the Household Level or a Complete Book of Business

In the 26 years since I began my career in the Financial Services Industry, I can say without a doubt that your assessment is one of the most powerful tools I have ever seen in aiding me to serve my clients. As a Certified Financial Planner professional and fee-based Registered Investment Advisor, the fiduciary standard is of utmost importance to me. The assessment results enable me to not only understand my clients objectively, but also provide subjective information to ensure my client’s interests always come first.
— Charles R. Korger, CFP® | Director, Client Consulting at Areté Partners, LLC
I think Unitifi’s product is unique in the industry and will significantly help me - especially as the new fiduciary rules begin. I bought the program and will use it with my approximately 1000 clients. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I feel it will especially help my 401k plans and their participants.
— Ryan E. Keiser | Keiser Wealth Management