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It’s All About Relationships

A FinTech platform solution created by financial professionals for professionals & their clients.

We understand what you — and your professional reputation — are up against. It’s the expectation to be the holy grail of triple threats instantly and always for every type of client under the sun.

72% of clients churn based on the client-advisor relationship*

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Unitifi’s founders lived your struggle and said to it, “no more.”

It was time to stop dreaming of a solution and create a secret weapon to quickly and accurately understand every client, prospect, and beneficiary on a deeper level than ever before.

Unitifi’s approach is non-intrusive and proven to be 99% accurate. It’s the only science-based assessment that instantly generates dashboards that truly reflect a person’s behaviors and beliefs regarding financial investments related to market volatility. And, we made sure it supports target marketing efforts with logical tips, comparison capabilities, and more.

Unitifi is the foundational tool that helps you be your own triple threat. A professional laser focused on:

It’s not a shortcut. It’s a smart strategy. One that fast-tracks genuine relationship building by getting to the heart of why the relationship exists in the first place, addressing the 72% of reasons clients ghost or flat out fire their financial firm or advisor as detailed by Morningstar. With Unitifi’s FinTech platform solution, you have more control over your capacity to build solid client relationships than ever before. Explore Unitifi’s FinTech platform solution in greater depth to learn more.
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