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As the national administrator for Lloyd’s of London’s Investment Advisor E&O program, we understand that claims happen when communication breaks down between the advisor and investor. It’s critical for any professional advisor to understand his/her client’s investing ‘personality’.
We are extremely impressed with the science behind the Unitifi risk mitigation software.
Unitifi’s tools not only help the advisor understand what makes the client tick, but it also provides a clean summarized profile to assure the advisor and client remain on the same page during the entire engagement. Simply put, we think an advisor utilizing Unitifi’s platform is a better risk than an advisor not using it, therefore, we offer advisors utilizing Unitifi’s tools lower premiums when applying to our program.
— Tom Schrandt
Director of Financial Services Program | Lockton Affinity
We are using Unitifi, which is a simple, but sophisticated quantification of what the client believes their risk profile is and their actual risk profile based upon behavioral psychology. It provides an overview of the behaviors you would expect from the client and provides coaching for the advisor to work effectively with them.
It is cost effective, fully digital, and easy to email to the client, who can quickly complete it. Once completed, the results are instantly returned to the adviser to review. It includes an excellent graphical interface for the advisor to view their clients individually and in aggregate.
— Christopher H. Bronson, CFP®, AIF®
Managing Director, Founder - Areté Partners, LLC
In the 26 years since I began my career in the Financial Services Industry, I can say without a doubt that your assessment is one of the most powerful tools I have ever seen in aiding me to serve my clients. As a Certified Financial Planner professional and fee-based Registered Investment Advisor, the fiduciary standard is of utmost importance to me.
The assessment results enable me to not only understand my clients objectively, but also provide subjective information to ensure my client’s interests always come first.
— Charles R. Korger, CFP®
Director, Client Consulting at Areté Partners, LLC
I think Unitifi’s product is unique in the industry and will significantly help me - especially as the new fiduciary rules begin. I bought the program and will use it with my approximately 1000 clients. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I feel it will especially help my 401k plans and their participants.
— Ryan E. Keiser
Keiser Wealth Management
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